Tools for the press brake


A proper selection of work tools will allow us to achieve maximum performance in the manufacture of the parts.

Axial, aware of our customers’ needs and with a great experience in the manufacture of press brakes and tools associated with them, offers a wide range of punches and dies for you to choose the most appropriate tools with no limitations according to the different requirements of the work to be undertaken.

The high quality and precision offered by Axial tools is also a weighty reason to chose them, as they are made from special steel with high thermal treatment, thus ensuring useful life and the easy exchange between them due to their low tolerance (+ - 0.01 mm).

The safety factor is also imperative in our day; all punches have a clamping flange, which facilitates assembly / dismantling which prevents tools from falling off the clamping system.

The machine set-up time also becomes an important factor for production; Axial has different types of quick punch and die fastenings, adaptable to all tools of this catalogue, thereby achieving exchange of the tools in a minimum time.

Punches for the press brake - see PDFpdf
Dies for the press brake - see PDFpdf



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